Sunday 19 April 2015

Thomas Blog

My time in Voss was a very worthwhile and fulfilling experience. Going to work in a different country in a completely different environment gave me a huge confidence boost and has made working a lot more enjoyable.

John's blog has really covered what my placement was. Working for Moen and Saue was great as they treated you as one of their employees and just allowing you to get on with the job in hand. I was expecting to almost just be running around for the other guys that was working there. Sveinung the boss was a very modest man and easy to get on with, language was not a problem at this placement due to there being several nationalities and English being the language spoken between them. I really enjoyed my time there and would happily go back again.

When finished placement in voss we mainly went out for meals and relaxed in our accommodation. There is a gym and running track in voss if any body in the future going on this trip is really keen on keeping up fitness whilst there.

We had the easter week off whilst there. This was the perfect time to do the touristy stuff like going on the Norway in a nutshell which was worth the time and going up the ski lift and taking in the view.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in voss and would recommend it for everyone if they have the opportunity to go.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

James' work experiance

The trip is nearing it's end and it is time for me to write up what has happened to me.

My first placement was at a company named Logolink who specialize in making logos for private businesses. I was accompanied by Beky for that week and our first task was to help make a design for a favicon for a hotel comparison website. That was the first time either Becky or I had worked with adobe illustrator and it took a few days to get used to it. After our boss, Igne Draugsvoll, declared Becky's design to be the better one he drove us out to a few of his customers. Over the course of our time there we got to use a bunch of different editing software, create different designs for different customers and work on creating a website. The highlight of my time there was when Becky and I were treated to lunch on one of the highest mountain in Voss.

My second placement was at a computer repair shop named Plei which was just down the road from Logolink. Plei are a local business who repair laptops and computers for customers and they also sell and prepare new computers for buyers. For my first day there they had me taking apart computers and laptops for their hard drives, RAM, graphics cards, disk drives, processors, keyboards and screens. This was the firs time I had taken a laptop apart and I found it very interesting especially since by the end I was able to take apart each component with out taking off any unnecessary parts. For the rest of the week I was given the task to make a rough draft of a website for them since their old one was looking out of date. I found this quite fun especially trying to problem solve issues with inserting and editing different functions with html.

These past few weeks have been a great. I have learned a lot from my placements at Logolink and Plei and I feel that the lessons I have had back in Shetland have prepared me for what I was asked to do on this trip.

James Monaghan

Sanna's Voss experience

Its difficult to believe we are leaving Norway tomorrow, the time here has flown by! These few weeks have been absolutely fantastic in gaining more work experience and having the chance to live in such a beautiful place.

My work placement consisted of caring for elderly people - specialising in rehabilitation. I had the opportunity to assist each individual on my own and with other carers. I found the Norwegian classes helpful to some extent in communicating however most of the carers were fluent in English and I picked up a few helpful phrases while working there. 

The Easter break was a great opportunity to experience new activities and tours, such as Voss Vind Indoor Skydiving which was one of the craziest activities I have tried in my life! The scenery in Norway in a Nutshell was stunning and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Norway. During the break I also visited Bergen and took some cracking photos while in the cable car. 

In conclusion, I would say this trip is an excellent opportunity for anyone and I wish I could do it all over again!

Monday 13 April 2015

   Voss trip  

My placement has been with building company Møen & Saue. We've been working on a new farming school. Our boss and fellow workers have been very welcoming and have taken the time to explain how they do things here. We've found some of the techniques used are a bit different from what we're use to. Sometimes easier and quicker. Our Woking hours have been long but the time passes quickly and before we know it, its lunch. Sitting with everyone and talking about our homes and things to do whilst we're here.

It hasn't been all work and no play. There are plenty of things to see, both in voss and a bit further afield. On the Sunday of our first week Sveinung (our boss) and his wife Synnøve, took us to Hardanger. The scenery was amazing, we had to take a few detours though. Roads being blocked by snow will do that.

I done a few trips to Bergen during my time here. Taking a trip on the Fløibanen all the way to the top of the mountain of Fløyen is a must. It really gives you a great view of an amazing city. It's also handy for working out where to go next when you finally head back down. Take warm clothes though, it snowed at the top when I was there.

The next day it was up above the town of Voss. We all took some time out to have a bite to eat and something to drink. Sitting watching people having fun on the slopes whilst staying nice and warm inside. Voss has many places to eat but none with a view like the one from up there.

I missed norway I'm a nutshell, as I was visiting family friends in a place called Ågotness, a couple of hours travel from Voss. But I'm told by those that went on the trip that it was well worth it and should be something everyone plans to do. Everywhere I've been I've found the locals very friendly and helpful. Don't be afraid to use the norwegian you've been taught. It really makes a difference if your asking for help.

Chances like this don't happen every day. Make the most of your time here. Take a camera everywhere you go, you never know what you might see. Always plan to do something on your days off. You won't realise how quickly your time passes and before you know it your on your way back to Shetland. Most of all, have fun and look out for each other.

John Rexter

Friday 10 April 2015

My time in Voss, Norway Sinead

So my time in voss is nearly up. I have spent the last week trying to think what exactly I should write to tell you bout all the different things we did, but I've enjoyed this experience a lot, the chance to live and work in a beautiful country has be a pleasure and I would very much do it again.

I have been in working in a kindergarten that does many things differently from back home for example they put the kids to sleep outside!, yes outside it is crazy but the staff, although not brilliant at English they were incredibly friendly and enthusiastic towards us. Another thing they do differently was they wore indoor shoes, now to begin with I didn't have indoor shoes so I walkeed about in my socks (not a good plan) it was cold so I ended up using some of the money to buy trainers for being indoors.

During this experience we  clashed with there Easter break, in which everything closes for the week. Therefor that particular week we as a group took a trip to Bergen and did the norway in a nutshell tour, throughout this week I did some study as my exams were coming up after we return home. We were unable to go skiing as the insurance would not cover us, next time I'd hope to think you can go as it looks incredible, we did however go up and get photos from the top after be squished like sardines in a can, we also enjoyed a burger up there.

We ate out quite a bit tasting different food and spending quality time together as a group of friends. The occasional day we cooked pasta meals. Unfortunately I fell ill during this trip and missed a few days of my placement but I managed to get well again and enjoy my time more.

I sadly missed two of my families birthdays whilst here so I was very thankful for wifi to skype home to them, I have very much missed them and can't wait to be home, although this is the case I'd very much like to stay now that I'm comfortable within the area and the people who I've been working with.

I will try to add some photos when I return home as it isn't possible for me to retrieve them now.

I would recommend this trip for anyone just make sure your 100% prepared I.e bring plasters, tea bags ect hahaha

Thanks a lot for the opportunity I am very grateful and have had a fantastic time.

Sinead Haughian Lucock

Sunday 5 April 2015

John's time in Voss

Voss blog.

Ok. So we have been here now for 15 days and can't get enough of the place. The first week we had our placements and I was working with John Rexter and Thomas Marshall at a company called Moen and Saue. We are working on a new school build and I am loving it. The manager, Sveinhung Riber, seems a really nice guy and is very friendly and talkative towards us. On the Saturday he took us to his office and showed us the theory side of the construction industry here in Norway. I found this really interesting as it differed greatly from the way we do stuff in Shetland. It all seems more simple and organised than in Shetland. Then he took the three of us out for lunch in the centre of Voss.
Then on the Sunday Sveinhung took us on a day trip to Hardangerfjord. It was an amazing day. The views were absolutely stunning. Whilst in Hardangerfjord Sveinhung showed us around his office and workshop there and let us understand a little more about his company.

The following week we had off because of the national Easter holiday here in Norway. I decided it would be a good idea to use this week to see the place and do some activities whilst I am here.
I have so far gone to Bergen for a day, went up the mountain here in Voss, swimming, went skydiving in the wind tunnel and been on the round trip "Norway in a nutshell". I have thorouly enjoyed my time so far here in Voss and i can't wait to see what else I get up to during my time in this beautiful country.

John Hughson. 

Wednesday 1 April 2015

My Experience in Voss (Peakay)

Hello, were now in our second week in Voss. Its currently the Easter week holiday so none of us have placement. 

On our first night we had a quick tour around Voss from Knut he showed us where the basic places were eg Rimi. We all chose our rooms and then spent the rest of our evening in the social area, talking about the trip expectations. Our first day was spent getting familiar with the setting. 

Going to the top of the mountain in the cable cars was great. The scenes from up there were stunning, you could see the whole of Voss. Also you could see everyone skiing which looked like so much fun, I think we were all jealous of them. Today I did the simulator sky dive, and honestly one of the best things Ive done in my life. It was incredible you go in twice the ifsrt time your just getting to grips of your balance and how to keep in mid air. The second time you just get to have fun really, the instructor took me all the way to the top of the tunnel which was incredible it was soooo much fun. Its something everyone should try!!

So far I've
- Been on the cable cars
- Walked around Voss
- Shopping
- Trip to Bergen
- Eating at places like Steakhouse, Peppes Pizza, Chinahouse etc
- Simulator Sky dive

What I plan to do
- Norway in a Nutshell
- Kayaking

I really like my placement in the school. I mainly work with the 4A class which is an amazing class to work with. There all very enthusiastic about learning English, and meeting me. Its interesting to see the different set-up of timetables. The children have lunch at 10:30 which is very different to back home. They also finish at 1:30 here and either go home or go to the SFO programme. The SFO programme is for children who have parents who work and goes on from 1:30 till 4 pm. I love this part of the day, as there are a few individuals here who are really fun to spend time with.